Legal Information

Aviratha is registered as Public Charitable Trust under Indian Trusts Act 1881 on 4th Aug, 2007 vide registration number ;SRI 4-00077-2007-08, at sub-registrar, Vijayanagar, Bangalore. The trust board is composed of four members led by president, Mr. K.T.Satheesh.

Registered office

73, 3rd stage 2nd main road,

Vinayaka layout, Vijayanagar,

Bangalore, 560 040

Karnataka, India Ph: 9880086300, 9845988444, 9845038952

[email protected]

Income tax exemption

Certified for income tax exemption under section 12 A of IT act, 1961 bearing number no: (E)BLR/12A/A-116/AACTA0543J/ITO(E)-1/Vol 2007-2008

80 G exemption

Certified for income tax exemption for donors under section 80 G of IT act 1961 bearing no: DIT(E)BLR/12A/A-116/AACTA0543J/ITO(E)-1/Vol 2007-2008

CSR 1 Registration

Registered to receive CSR funds (CSR-1) – Registration number: CSR00042426

External Financial Auditors

B.R.Shetty & Co

JP Nagar 2nd Phase

Bangalore 560078